Rice N Peas is an independent publishing and production company investigating social justice concerns, producing and publishing thought-provoking content.

Our staff produce campaigns and publications capturing and representing real stories with an uncompromising attitude to integrity.

Founded in 1999 Rice N Peas initially earned a reputation for producing hard-hitting video documentaries.

In an era where mainstream journalism is often saturated with propaganda, Rice N Peas works in direct partnership with people and communities in order to accurately represent the lives and stories we record without prejudice or bias. 



Bang Bang in Da Manor
UK 2005

The annual Screen Nation Awards was the first — and remains the most culturally diverse — televised film & TV awards show in Europe showcasing the best black British and international film & TV talent.

Screen Nation hosts a number of events throughout the year to acknowledge, recognise and reward talent for their achievements in film, and television media as well as champion new talent and provide a platform for emerging artists.

The Screen Nation Awards attract a large multicultural audience due in no small part to the fact that Screen Nation has played host to many of the UK and global film & TV industry’s finest black screen talent, alongside performances from the cream of the UK urban music scene.


The New Statesman New Media Awards are designed to highlight innovation, usability and efficiency in new media, open to for-profit, public and nonprofit organisations.

The awards include entries spanning all uses of new media technology, “from the web to wireless, blog to intranet, digital TV to mobile”.

Roaring Lion
Jamaica 2002

Filmed in Jamaica, Roaring Lion charts the growth and development of the Rastafari Movement and its founder, the former Garveyite Leonard Howell.  With interviews from the renowned academic and Rasta scholar Professor Barry Chevannes and several of the movement’s leading figures, Mortimmo Plano, Fimore Alvaranga, Dago and Gertrude Campbell, the documentary charts the Movement’s growth from a persecuted commune in the foothills of Pinnacle, Jamaica, to an internationally recognized religion.

Roaring Lion is the first documentary officially endorsed by leading elders of the Rastafari Movement.

Ishmahil Blagrove Jr

Assistant Producer:
Jorvi Joneken

Catherine Arend

Duration: 57 minutes
Language: English



Ishmahil Blagrove Jr

Director / Producer 


Dan "wizard" Parmenter

Technical / Creative Production Supervisor


Lawna Tapper

Features Writer


Catherine Arend

Video Editor


Research Policy

We investigate stories of social justice versus international injustice, representing the stories of the grassroots.

We expose difficult-to-access and often voiceless communities in desperate situations, concentrating on and participating in their triumphs over adversity.

Rice N Peas preserves editorial independence and all productions are attributed with full transparency.


Publishing & Publicity

All of our articles and features are independently produced, and are primarily released globally via the internet.

Rice N Peas documentary features have been broadcast by respected international broadcast programmers including: Channel 4 Dispatches, BBC Correspondent, The Guardian.


Debate & Representation

Representing grassroots stories via interview and debate, both through the mainstream media and social media.



Based upon our depth of research and field experience, we offer consultancy and advisory services for the management and structuring of projects and campaigns.