Frank Crichlow's Funeral

Frank Crichlow (1932 - 2010) was a community activist and civil rights campaigner. He founded the Mangrove restaurant which became the centre for Black civil rights activism in Britain which led to the infamous Mangrove Nine trials of 1970 and the first admission of institutional racism within the Metropolitan Police force.

Spirit of Humanity captured by Israeli Navy

Video smuggled out of Israel that captures the Israeli Navy threatening to open fire on a boat containing human rights activists who were delivering aid, following the massacres in Gaza under Operation Cast Lead 2008/2009 during which over 1,400 people were killed and over 50,000 people displaced. 

War is a Crime

By Ishmahil Blagrove Jr

Will history ever stop repeating itself? A statement on the illegalities of war and the actions which should be taken to stop the outbreak of war.

Pat Dodson: This Is Our Country Too

Pat Dodson, winner of the 2008 Sydney Peace Prize, talks to Ishmahil Blagrove, Jr. about the plight of Australia's indigenous people, the recent government apology and the opportunities for black and white Australians to resolve their differences.

Quiet Storm

Ishmahil Blagrove, Jr. talks to film-maker Shango B'Song about his feature length, action adventure thriller, 'Quiet Storm'. A hard-hitting film about four Black extremists on a mission to correct some of the political and economic injustices affecting African people.

The Man Behind the Hood

By Ali Shalal

Ali Shalal is a professor of theology. It is important to understand that what Ali Shalal experienced is part of a routine process of torture, applied systematically to those arrested.  Many of his companions in Abu Ghraib died as a result of torture or were executed upon their release so that they would not reveal the gruesome horrors and atrocities committed under orders by the Bush Administration.

Invisible People

Many have suggested that the Aboriginal people of Australia have been reduced to drug abusers, petrol sniffers, murderers, rapists, and all-around dysfunctional entities of society.  Why?

The Phony War on Terror

Since the attacks of September 11, 2001, “The War on Terror” has become a household name, found in the headlines of every newspaper and on the lips of every news commentator in the US and abroad.  But what is the “War on Terror,” and whom is it really being waged against?